Florida Grown

Florida might be known for beaches and theme parks, but farming also has an incredible impact on our state. Agriculture provides over 2 million jobs in Florida, a fact that we don’t take lightly at Sizemore Farms. We work hard to create jobs for the families in our communities, and your choice to purchase Florida-grown purchase will continue to make that possible.

Florida’s unique subtropical climate allows Sizemore Farms to grow berries during the winter, a season where most of the U.S. isn’t growing many crops at all. Winter at our farm is a season filled with warm, sunny days and cool nights – which happens to be the perfect environment for growing sweet, juicy berries. Florida is the only producer of winter strawberries in the U.S., so each purchase you make supports our industry and the continued availability of Florida-grown winter strawberries.

Plant City Proud

Sizemore Farms is located in Plant City, a small town rooted in a rich history of agriculture. Plant City’s ideal climate provided the first strawberry growers an opportunity to grow their crops without fear of a severe freeze. The success of these farmers began what has now become over a century of strawberry growing tradition in our town – a legacy Sizemore Farms is proud to carry on.