Roots That Run Deep

With four generations of farming experience, Sizemore Farms has a legacy rooted deeply in Plant City strawberries. It all started back in 1925 when Grandpa Charlie bought a piece of land and planted his first field of strawberries. Grandpa Charlie was a pioneer in the Florida strawberry industry and among the first growers in the Plant City area. His early days of planting and harvesting the fruit by hand and selling it at the local farmer’s market paved the way for the success of future generations.

Still Growing Strong

Today Sizemore Farms is a leading producer of Florida strawberries. Now a fully integrated agricultural operation, we grow, pack, and ship our own berries each season. Now joined by the fifth generation of Sizemore strawberry growers, we are continuing the legacy that began almost a century ago.

The strawberries we grow and the land we grow them on are an important part of our family’s story. We work hard to ensure we leave this land better than we found it, so that we can pass on this cherished tradition for generations to come.